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Timer switch can automatically control the switching time of the load through the internal programmable microcomputer chip unit (MCU); if time switch devices equipped with sensors (light control, rain control, sound control, etc.), the switching state of the load will also be automatically adjusted according to changes from the external environment. The bell controller can ring the bell at a specific time set by the user. The liquid level controller can control the liquid level to the set value through the water pump. You can visit the following pages to find out which products you are interested in and more details about them

Digital Programmable Timer Switch img

Digital Programmable Timer Switch

The digital programmable time switch (also known as microcomputer time-controlled switch, or microcomputer time switch), is an electronic timer switch...


Digital Programmable Street Light Controller img

Digital Programmable Street Light Controller

The digital programmable street light controller (or known as smart street light controller) is based on the digital programmable time control switch,...


Digital Time Relay img

Digital Time Relay

The time relay is a relay with time-delay function, which can control high-current equipment through a small current, and is often used to control the...


Digital Programmable Electric Bell Controller img

Digital Programmable Electric Bell Controller

The digital programmable electric bell controller uses a high-performance microcomputer chip as its core, which can automatically control the electric...


Intelligent Liquid Level Controller img

Intelligent Liquid Level Controller

The intelligent liquid level controller (or high and low liquid level intelligent controller) uses integrated circuits as core chip, and has the funct...


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The accessories for time relays or switchs like circuit board, probe, time control switch chip module and so on...