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What should be paid attention to when using the timer switch?

If you cannot use the time-controlled switch reasonably and compliantly, it may cause you unnecessary economic losses. Before using the timer switch, you must pay attention to the following points:
1. For those equipment (such as medical equipment and large equipment, etc.) that may cause life safety accidents or cause major harm to society due to the error of the timer switch, please do not choose this timer switch.
2. For those equipment (large heaters or cold storage, etc.) that may cause major property losses due to the error of the timer switch, ensure that there is sufficient design margin when using this timer switch, and take safeguard measures such as the double protection circuit.
3. Do not repair, disassemble or modify this timer switch by yourself. If you need to repair and check it, please be sure to entrust a dealership or other authorized unit.
4. Do not touch any terminal on the timer switch after it powered on.
5. This timer switch cannot work in humid, corrosive and high metal content gas environment. And do not let the timer switch come into contact with oil or water.

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