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What are the types of timer switches?

Time-controlled switches can be divided into many types according to appearance, wiring method, function, etc. The common classification methods and our corresponding timer switch models are listed below.

1. According to the wiring method

-Upper wiring: KG316-3, KG316T, KG316T-2a, KG316T-3a
-Lower wiring: KG316Y-G, JFT series, KG316T-Ⅱ, KG316T-D, JFT02, JFT-16/17 series, CN series

2. According to the controlled load quantity

-A: KG316-3, KG316Y-G, AS series, GUK series, KGF series
-Multiple: JFT series, KG316T-2a, KG316T-3a, JFT02, JFT-16/17 series

3. According to the sensor type

-No sensor: KG316T (single loop), KG316T (multi loop)
-Light sensor: KG316-3, AS series, GUK series, KGF series
-Rain sensor: KG316Y-G

4. According to whether the latitude and longitude calculation system is built-in

-Yes: JFT-6, JFT-9

5. According to the installation method

-Panel type: JFT03, CN series
-Rail type: JFT02, JFT-15A/B series, JFT-16/17 series
-Wall-mounted type: KG316T

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